About Deepa Dairy

Welcome to deepadiary.com. This is Deepa Gupta and through this website, I will be sharing my works which include collection of poetries, stories, articles and also a lot of video lessons, which will help you to develop a grip not only in Hindi but other languages too such as Telugu. Also, on account of having considerable experience in the field of law and I will be sharing video lessons on this topic too.

I developed interest in Hindi literature since childhood and have been writing stories and poetries since then.  Three books of mine which are collection of various poems and stories have been published. I will be sharing a collection of these stories and poems on this website for you to read. You are more than welcome to read and enjoy these works of mine in the stories, articles and poems section.

After several years of experience as a student and 11 years of experience as a teacher, I have developed my own style and approach to teaching, specifically Hindi. I believe that one can only learn and understand a language only when he or she enjoys it. I will be sharing my video lessons with you here, which will be helpful for you not only in preparing for various examinations but also in developing an understanding of language itself. Also, The Hindi-Telugu series will help you to familiarize yourself with new language and will be instrumental for you to interact with people both inside and outside Andhra Pradesh, Telangana.

I also have considerable experience in the field of law and have worked as a lawyer in Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. I will also be uploading videos on topics related to law.

I perform at various events and Kavi sammelans (poet Gatherings) every now and then and will be more than happy to share the videos of these events with you and hope that you enjoy those.

My aim in life is to generate and spread happiness. This is my humble attempt to reach out to you and I hope that you enjoy my work. Please feel free to drop constructive criticisms and suggestions at info@deepadiary.com.